Economical with the truth….

My mind is usually full of thoughts. Quite often scary as it may sound I am having some pretty indepth conversations with myself in my mind.
Frequently I see something or find myself in a situation when I think I should write this down…..
So here goes. I thus venture out into the big wide world of blogging. Will this be read by anyone, will it be enjoyed, would it be hated, would it be ignored, would it be inconsequential……haven’t the foggiest! Do I get to do something I enjoy….sure do. Do I get to air my thoughts….definitely! Maybe even connect with some like- minded fellow bloggers out there….hope so.
So where do I start? Hot topic of the day ……my weight?!! Hit a nerve there with anyone else?
I have read and inundated myself with information on ideal weight/BMI/ quick fix diets from the cabbage soup diet to the lime water detox. Have I actually managed to successfully complete any of them? That would be a big fat (no pun intended) NOPES!
Caught up with an old work acquaintance this morning. His first reaction after greeting me was “So what happened to you then? When I last saw you, well you were a lot…..” and then he struggled with a suitable adjective.
What is the socially acceptable way to tell someone “ahem…you’ve expanded!” I have been at the receiving end of many comments ranging from “Oh my Gaaawd…what have you done to yourself” to “when we met last you looked a lot younger “and not to forget the all time favourite “any good news?”
Now don’t get me wrong I understand the need to be fit and the need to work out etc. I just do not get the need for anyone to consider it acceptable manners to state the obvious in such a well……obvious manner!
What’s the harm in rewording what you have to say? Couldn’t one just pretty it up with something along the lines of …oh I don’t know ….maybe “wow….you’re looking great with that little extra flesh on your bones”……or “ really loving the new curvy look you have going there”.
Is that asking for too much?
Will that take away from the hard cold fact that one really needs to get moving with a suitable fitness regime asap? Not really…..but until then it would be nice to be told that even with the extra pounds one still is attractive.
This brings me to two questions. One, Are you even meant to comment on another’s appearance? I mean isn’t that what we keep learning right from childhood. It’s what on the inside that counts, it’s who you are what matters. Looks aren’t everything etc. Yet if I am dressed up for an occasion or wearing something new I do hope and almost expect to hear some positive reviews from those around me. I am all up in arms and heated if I don’t receive at least a few compliments on my appearance. Let me tell you my husband’s life is a tough one in these cases. So on occasions that I am looking less than my best then shouldn’t I almost expect to hear the negative comments? Should I be grateful for their honesty?
Two most importantly should I let my self-confidence be deterred by the opinions of others around me? Who am I shouldn’t be determined by my appearance. I shouldn’t be defined by someone else’s view of me.
So many questions. So many possible answers. So many possible opinions and points of views to all the thoughts unlocked. This is an interminable conversation. All I know now is that I had better wrap up and get to bed…..have an early morning appointment with Mr. Treadmill.


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