Indulge me I am feeling ridiculous…

“A rose by any other name ….would still smell as sweet.
What matters is what something is, not what it is called.”

What is in a name then truly…when it seems to be nothing much more than a form of identification then is it not?

It doesn’t really hold much importance since what matters is the content or what’s on the inside.

Then why not do away with names entirely? Maybe everyone would just have identification tags…like numbers or alphabets or even symbols.

 An entire family of alphabets for example? Papa S, Mama G, Grandpa T, Grandma R and even S Junior? People would see them walk by and say “Oh there goes S”…..”Yeah but did you hear about S ….I hear he and G had a huge argument  and poor S got so upset he was in tears, then R had to intervene….” or “don’t à and ß look exactly alike?” J

However I have a different take on this…. names I think are to a large extent of essential importance.

Not denying the importance of character, personality, quality etc however the right name may make it that much easier.

Some names are so synonymous with a product or a person for us that we couldn’t imagine them in the same way had the name been any different.

For example talk show queen Oprah Winfrey  vs hypothetically talk show queen Greta?  Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it now does it?

How about the immortal Michael Jackson….vs King of Pop Ralph?

King of Rock and Roll Elvis….would the women have swooned over him just as much had he called himself Jack?

Don’t get me wrong I am sure that given similar opportunities these personalities would have still gone onto to be equally famous however would the star power have been the same for a Greta or a Ralph or even a Jack?

What about daily domestic products such as the modest toothpaste…admit it how many of you still refer to this daily commodity as Colgate? You well be using some other fancier newer brand but yet you still call it Colgate. Similarly a cookie…some still refer to it as a biscuit, some (especially if you are Indian) will still staunchly refer to it as a Glucose!

Which brings me quite nicely to another pet peeve of mine altogether.  I digress slightly reader but please stay with me on this one……..

The simple biscuit or cookie as you may prefer to call it….has it remained that simple today? NO is my reply, you are faced with too too many choices for the cookie, butter cookie, chocolate chip cookie, raisins, oats, sugar free, bran so on and so forth.

Similarly the simple coffee. Ideally if one feels the need for caffeine in one’s blood stream and is ordering for the much required pep-me-up drink does this person really have the strength to answer…small/large or medium; skimmed milk/ whipped cream; mocha/cafe latte/ cappuccino/ espresso/ black/ Americano etc etc. Really!!!!

So you decide “ditch the coffee let me just drink some water”? Oh no buddy you have just dug yourself that much deeper….still/sparkling/tap/cold/hot/bottled/Evian/spring/mineral….. the list is endless.

Ok so I return to where I began a name. I couldn’t imagine myself as anything other than what is my name now. Could you imagine yourself differently? I was recently asked to suggest possible names for a family business venture. The name should reflect the owning family name, it should reflect the nature of the establishment, the name should be warm and inviting yet not trashy and certainly not leave any room for dual meanings to be contrived, if possible it should also increase sales ;-). I can tell you I was certainly not up for the challenge and drew a blank.

So my fellow readers I thereby conclude that while the content or what’s on the inside is very important, but to get in through the door in the first place a nice label will do you no harm.


These are a few of my (not) favourite things……..

In no particular order.

  1. Crimes against  children…..harshest punishment possible for the perpetrator.
  2. People who stand with more than 10things in their baskets in the express check out line at supermarkets.
  3. Fake American accents.
  4. Recyclable looks…. botox, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, fake nails, silicone,      collagen, lenses….
  5. Racist taxi  drivers….go figure!!
  6. Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Miranda Kerr and the likes…….having multiple      babies …yet maintaining reed thin bodies. Deep Envy pangs ….
  7. How nine times out of ten….the signal turns red just as you approach the lights.
  8. People who blow their horn at you within a nano-second of the light changing to green.  
  9. Road  hogs with no clue as to the uses of an INDICATOR!!?
  10. People who allow children to stand when the car is in motion. Even worse ….people who open the windows or sun roof and let the kid lean out while driving  down the highway……OMG!
  11. Strange  celebrity children names…Apple/ Egypt/ Lourdes/India/ Memphis/Mahakshay/ Tiger/Paris/ Memphis……..a destination had to be used??
  12. Head to toe tattoos……remember that eagle on your back may look awesome right now  but when that skin sags it’s going to look like a buzzard 😉
  13. Men with no chivalry…yes equality and all that but I ask you would you Mother be  proud of you when you rush past a woman into the elevator and don’t even hold the door??
  14. Teenage girls  dressed as ‘women of the night’…..
  15. Men mindlessly crotch grabbing in public…their own thankfully……
  16. Nose pickers… definitely go Indian and insist on a “Namaste” rather than a handshake there!
  17. The ability to convey all emotions via emoticons and in short form these days… 
  18. Low waist jeans….. definitely not helping with the muffin top.
  19. People that  don’t know or use basic manners…I mean even Barney has the golden words  figured….it can’t be that hard surely!
  20. The obsession with the Kardashians!  Kim/Kanye/ Kourtney/Khloe/Lamar / lie detectors/ Kris Jenner/ curves/dough bombs/ clothes/ 72day marriages/ preganancies/ babies/……Seriously!!?  As you can see I never follow the Kardashians!

What are your pet peeves………feel free to post me a reply. May be interesting if not will at least give us a laugh!

Do you Love me?

Love / [luhv]noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.


1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

3. sexual passion or desire.

4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.

5. (used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?


Watched for the millionth time – Fiddler on the Roof. The first time with my little girl. We enjoyed the movie entirely as always. Is that very ‘uncool’ to admit?

One part of the movie in particular that never fails to move me. The musical conversation between Tevye and his wife Golde. Tevye asks his wife “Do you love me?”……Golde replies ”Maybe its indigestion!!!”

No seriously I found her actual reply quite touching, the depth in the statement “For 25years I’ve cooked for him, washed his clothes and his bed has been mine. If that is not love then what is”.  Good question do you think?

Now I personally do not qualify for the 25years bit of the song, more on the slightly above a decade mark. I don’t qualify for the washed his clothes part either…unless  chucking in the machine counts? Also I know for a fact that my man would certainly have preferred it if I hadn’t cooked on several occasions. True love then?

Often I am asked if we are a romantic couple. I honestly haven’t a clue truthfully. 

I conducted an extensive research (well I asked three of my girlfriends) and I have come to the conclusion based on this extensive survey that most women feel that their man could be more romantic / sensitive / listen more often/ he’s not in touch with his feelings etc etc.

Now I ask you what would qualify to be the ideal? A man who remembers all your occasions, brings you flowers often, is not afraid to show his emotions, not afraid to wear pink, listens and actually hears what  you say?? Someone who plans elaborate dates, someone who compliments you often, someone who treats you like a rare flower all your life? Without doubt any or all of the above would be wonderful. I would just love to be indulged in some epic champagne and caviar (ok maybe cheese and crackers would hit the spot better with me) style courtship. Having said that….would it suffice? Is this really required? Would it suffocate or flourish with time?

Most people (please refer to my previously conducted extensive research) seem to think so it is. Apparently I am told that one must work at keeping the fire alight in a marriage. One must dedicate ‘me time’ or is it ‘us time’ I lose track…

Can I add another side to this utopian outlook….. How about a man who although does seem to find it difficult to remember your anniversary, does remember and cook you your favourite food without any occasion? How about a man who truly upholds his marital vow of ‘in sickness and in health’ or how about a man who celebrates your achievements and actively encourages you to grow. How about a man who may find it difficult to wax eloquent poetic lines of passion but in his silence lie’s your strength at all times. Even those times when you particularly wish no one were looking.

I have been blessed to know and meet such men in my life. I have learnt from them the meaning of love in its varying forms. They came in different roles but each touching my heart permanently ….

So I am not entirely convinced on the benefits of a bunch of roses vs cooking you a fish dinner. I am not entirely convinced that love needs really to be manifested in hallmark approved ways.

I welcome your views and pearls of wisdom….but until then…. I have a great some delicious food and an equally appealing chef on the menu………………

So until later….bon appetite!