These are a few of my (not) favourite things……..

In no particular order.

  1. Crimes against  children…..harshest punishment possible for the perpetrator.
  2. People who stand with more than 10things in their baskets in the express check out line at supermarkets.
  3. Fake American accents.
  4. Recyclable looks…. botox, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, fake nails, silicone,      collagen, lenses….
  5. Racist taxi  drivers….go figure!!
  6. Victoria Beckham, Angelina Jolie, Miranda Kerr and the likes…….having multiple      babies …yet maintaining reed thin bodies. Deep Envy pangs ….
  7. How nine times out of ten….the signal turns red just as you approach the lights.
  8. People who blow their horn at you within a nano-second of the light changing to green.  
  9. Road  hogs with no clue as to the uses of an INDICATOR!!?
  10. People who allow children to stand when the car is in motion. Even worse ….people who open the windows or sun roof and let the kid lean out while driving  down the highway……OMG!
  11. Strange  celebrity children names…Apple/ Egypt/ Lourdes/India/ Memphis/Mahakshay/ Tiger/Paris/ Memphis……..a destination had to be used??
  12. Head to toe tattoos……remember that eagle on your back may look awesome right now  but when that skin sags it’s going to look like a buzzard 😉
  13. Men with no chivalry…yes equality and all that but I ask you would you Mother be  proud of you when you rush past a woman into the elevator and don’t even hold the door??
  14. Teenage girls  dressed as ‘women of the night’…..
  15. Men mindlessly crotch grabbing in public…their own thankfully……
  16. Nose pickers… definitely go Indian and insist on a “Namaste” rather than a handshake there!
  17. The ability to convey all emotions via emoticons and in short form these days… 
  18. Low waist jeans….. definitely not helping with the muffin top.
  19. People that  don’t know or use basic manners…I mean even Barney has the golden words  figured….it can’t be that hard surely!
  20. The obsession with the Kardashians!  Kim/Kanye/ Kourtney/Khloe/Lamar / lie detectors/ Kris Jenner/ curves/dough bombs/ clothes/ 72day marriages/ preganancies/ babies/……Seriously!!?  As you can see I never follow the Kardashians!

What are your pet peeves………feel free to post me a reply. May be interesting if not will at least give us a laugh!


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