Indulge me I am feeling ridiculous…

“A rose by any other name ….would still smell as sweet.
What matters is what something is, not what it is called.”

What is in a name then truly…when it seems to be nothing much more than a form of identification then is it not?

It doesn’t really hold much importance since what matters is the content or what’s on the inside.

Then why not do away with names entirely? Maybe everyone would just have identification tags…like numbers or alphabets or even symbols.

 An entire family of alphabets for example? Papa S, Mama G, Grandpa T, Grandma R and even S Junior? People would see them walk by and say “Oh there goes S”…..”Yeah but did you hear about S ….I hear he and G had a huge argument  and poor S got so upset he was in tears, then R had to intervene….” or “don’t à and ß look exactly alike?” J

However I have a different take on this…. names I think are to a large extent of essential importance.

Not denying the importance of character, personality, quality etc however the right name may make it that much easier.

Some names are so synonymous with a product or a person for us that we couldn’t imagine them in the same way had the name been any different.

For example talk show queen Oprah Winfrey  vs hypothetically talk show queen Greta?  Doesn’t quite have the same ring to it now does it?

How about the immortal Michael Jackson….vs King of Pop Ralph?

King of Rock and Roll Elvis….would the women have swooned over him just as much had he called himself Jack?

Don’t get me wrong I am sure that given similar opportunities these personalities would have still gone onto to be equally famous however would the star power have been the same for a Greta or a Ralph or even a Jack?

What about daily domestic products such as the modest toothpaste…admit it how many of you still refer to this daily commodity as Colgate? You well be using some other fancier newer brand but yet you still call it Colgate. Similarly a cookie…some still refer to it as a biscuit, some (especially if you are Indian) will still staunchly refer to it as a Glucose!

Which brings me quite nicely to another pet peeve of mine altogether.  I digress slightly reader but please stay with me on this one……..

The simple biscuit or cookie as you may prefer to call it….has it remained that simple today? NO is my reply, you are faced with too too many choices for the cookie, butter cookie, chocolate chip cookie, raisins, oats, sugar free, bran so on and so forth.

Similarly the simple coffee. Ideally if one feels the need for caffeine in one’s blood stream and is ordering for the much required pep-me-up drink does this person really have the strength to answer…small/large or medium; skimmed milk/ whipped cream; mocha/cafe latte/ cappuccino/ espresso/ black/ Americano etc etc. Really!!!!

So you decide “ditch the coffee let me just drink some water”? Oh no buddy you have just dug yourself that much deeper….still/sparkling/tap/cold/hot/bottled/Evian/spring/mineral….. the list is endless.

Ok so I return to where I began a name. I couldn’t imagine myself as anything other than what is my name now. Could you imagine yourself differently? I was recently asked to suggest possible names for a family business venture. The name should reflect the owning family name, it should reflect the nature of the establishment, the name should be warm and inviting yet not trashy and certainly not leave any room for dual meanings to be contrived, if possible it should also increase sales ;-). I can tell you I was certainly not up for the challenge and drew a blank.

So my fellow readers I thereby conclude that while the content or what’s on the inside is very important, but to get in through the door in the first place a nice label will do you no harm.


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