A bit early in the day for writer’s or rather blogger’s block? I don’t know honestly. All I do know is that the past few weeks have seen me go through some hectic times. Work has been nothing short of whirlwind and on the domestic front too it hasn’t been plain sailing.

From the common flu to late nights at the office to last minute school assignment submissions we have had it all.

I felt I had nothing noteworthy to pen as such.

What could I blog about…..

My daily commute to and from work on the metro? All the interesting people I meet and gawk at in the metro?

For example the two women having a very animated gossip catch up next to me on the metro? I eavesdropped shamelessly. Gripping to know that her sister in law has begun a business from home and doesn’t carry her fair share of the household chores anymore! Or the four beautiful young girls who boarded the metro all glam/tall/effortlessly chic and probably all of 14yrs in age each? In the sea of tired weary female travellers these four girls I can tell you did wonders to perk everyone up with their sheer radiance ! Or the girl playing seriously on her Ipad a game involving pulling of nose hairs….I kid you not! I was enthralled and disgusted all at the same time.

Could I instead blog about my work and the inevitable office politics? Best not to attract any possible law suits then.

I did intend to blog about the Justin Beiber concert I took my six year old to. Thronging crowds, palpable excitement, a football ground of excited hormones. Thousands of teenage girls dressed almost identically completed the uniformity with similar pitched shrieks and copious tears.  I watched interestedly as young teenage girls gave interviews to local radio jockeys and TV presenters saying “we love Justin he helps us through difficult times and gives us strength, he inspires us”. Justin himself was nothing short of impressive when he did finally get on stage a good two hours plus behind schedule.

Mother’s Day went by too. I should have paid tribute to my beautiful Mother a woman of courage, love and pure elegance. The woman who taught me to read and built in us kids a deep appreciation for the well written word. Now having crossed over to the realm of Motherhood myself I was touched to receive a handwritten invitation for a school morning on Mother’s day. I shall be man enough to admit it…I was the Mother in the background whooping when my girl opened the festivities with a crisp and clear welcome speech. I was the woman swallowing down the tight lump in my throat when three rows of gap toothed little children took to the stage to sing “we love you Mommy…M stands for the melodious tunes she sings for me….T for the tender loving care she bestows on me….” etc.

Another topic I could dedicate space to is my ever failing battle of the bulge. Another fav topic of mine which really is tried and tested and of not much interest to anyone anymore I should think. Recently as I sat on the stylists chair luxuriating under a cooling hair mask I overheard a young girl walk in and narrate most hilariously her struggle with a crash diet. Wanting to shed some weight in a hurry for an upcoming event she had decided to go on a liquid diet. Apparently her teeth now ache to bite into something (it loses its hilarity in translation from Hindi to English..but you get the point) and all she is permitted to bite into was sugarfree gum!

How have the past weeks been for you? Share with me your ups and downs. We may find common grounds.


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