Every day you either see a scar or courage. Where you dwell will define your struggle. ~Dodinsky,

Had been spending a week or so wallowing in self pity feeling low and wishing for a blessing without disguise for a change.

Then read an article about a courageous woman and it got me thinking, of women I have known or have read about that have been nothing short of inspirational to me.

So I hereby nominate the below for the “Nerves of Steel” category…..

The woman from inner Rajasthan who had the nerve to stand up to traditional society and have her child marriage annulled. Thereby opening the doors for many many more girls in the future.

Malala Yousufzai a girl of spirit, courage and a true inspiration.

Angelina Jolie for having the bravery and confidence to go through a double mastectomy.

The brave mother of a special needs child who continues to love her child and works her life around the needs of this child.

The girl who while still in the honeymoon period of her marriage discovered that her beautiful body is being taken over by a little known disease.  Yet she smiles, faces each day with enthusiasm and continues to research possible cures.

The woman who having survived the heart wrenching task of carrying to term and then laying to rest her unborn child works to revive her strength and be the glue keeping her family together.

Successfully shedding all her excess weight, regaining her health and achieving giddy heights of success in the corporate ladder my sister has always been an inspiration.

Our house help many years ago, had all the odds stacked up against her – young, widowed, uneducated, poverty stricken and a single parent to four children.  She went on to successfully educate all four children and today they all no longer live in a shack they instead own apartments and run successful small businesses.

The winner in in this category in my (un)biased opinion has to be my mother who has beaten a debilitating disease all her life, never in all these years have I ever heard the words “why me” pass her lips. That is truly humbling.

Let me know your inspirational person(s)….share your stories and spread the strength.


4 thoughts on “NERVES OF STEEL

  1. Great writing ma. My eyes misted MY kuttu writing. The paras about P and amma are great. Can I share?
    Saw the links early morn only. Read at about 5.45 am.
    Keep it coming 😉
    Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone

  2. Awww i see a small mention there, am honoured! You’re going to be receiving a pulitzer by the end of the year at this rate….ur blogs are friggin’ hilarious!

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