Alludes to the position of being able to freely observe a situation without being noticed.

I like to call it …. PEOPLE WATCHING.

There are some places I just love to hang around in / at….. (What’s the correct grammar there..) and indulge myself in some people watching.

While McDonalds’ and Baskin Robbins may feature highly on my list of simply places to indulge in, this time however I refer to places of ‘endless emotions’ as I like to think of them as.

Airports for starters. I love to hang around at the arrivals/ departures and just people watch.

Entire families awaiting the arrival of a loved one.

Young men returning from a tour of duty, greeted with tears, flowers and pure joy. Many of them could well be meeting their new born children for the very first time.

Students returning home for the holidays. A mixture of confidence and self-assurance that their new lives abroad has instilled in them all drops away instantly and their faces break into childish grins as they spot their adoring parents across the arrivals gate.

Tourists arriving on holidays all set and excited to explore a new destination, searching for their paging boards.

Couples reunited, children jumping into the arms of indulgent grandparents.

The departures too are equally enthralling to me for the absolute range of emotions from nervousness to enthusiastic anticipation they offer.

Anxious parents bidding farewell to their newly married daughters, as they board a plane to a new life and identity.

Similarly parents seeing of their young daughters cradling the latest addition to the family, carrying the precious bundle on its first journey ever.

Girlfriends and wives (hopefully both not attached to the same man) and children come to see off their man as he returns to his bread winning role across oceans.

Young students checking in their permitted 2 pcs of exact dimensions luggage with excitement and a tinge of fear as they embark on a new exciting phase of their student lives.

Families all geared and animated as they start off their holidays to new places and destinations.

Busy executives traveling on work looking exasperated with the long security lines secretly hoping they are not seated next to the family with the boisterous children.

Long distance railway stations too are similarly captivating. As the train chugs into the station there is a palpable buzz of activity around it. People trying to find their seats/ coaches, hawkers plying food which for some reason smell and taste so divine on those disposable plates in those surrounds!

Now these places I have enlisted are almost predictable for their emotional quotient. Recently though on one of my retail therapy sessions I discovered yet another place to add to my list of favourite people watching haunts…..THE FITTING ROOM.

Closeted in my little cubicle where I am usually engrossed in my own world of insecurities for the first time I paid attention to those around me. Teenaged girls shopping for the perfect outfit for a special occasion, there with supportive friends “Oh my God that colour is like soooo you”! Even younger girls aged on the cusp of teenage-hood but still young enough to be shopping with their Mothers, secretly trying to choose an outfit that will place them firmly with the ‘hip crowd’  or even impress that certain someone special at school. Mothers close to the end of their patience levels “No way am I buying you that….” “But Maaaaa…’s so cool, I haaate the other one you chose”.

Women coming out of the fitting room to show their chosen outfits to their husband, who on his part desperately trying to gauge and give the right comment. Knowing very well that one wrong move in this minefield could have him digging his way out the trenches.

Are these places of interest to me merely due to their intrinsic values or do I deep down have stalker tendencies that I am yet to discover? I haven’t a clue!

Do you find these or any other places equally interesting do share your fly on the wall thoughts…..


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