Mother knows…

It was close to midday in July. Peak summer in these parts. I was hot, angry, frustrated and really needed a sympathetic ear. I called my husband but the signal strength was not strong enough to traverse the oceans that separated us. I called my sister, in a meeting she messaged back. I called my best friend with no joy. I conversed with God then. Do you have to make everything such a production number with me I asked? Everything is always such an uphill road for me. Why Lord? A simple grocery trip, did you have to make the car break down. Now I have to lug all these groceries and walk albeit the short distance home in the 45degree heat. The frozen chicken began seeping through the paper bag surely but slowly. Beads of perspiration trickled down my back.

Hot, sweaty and feeling unloved I trudged home and struggled with the door. The phone rang loudly from within. Of course I thought God forbid I should be able to get that in time……I banged open the door and rushed to pick the telephone.

Hello darling are you alright? ……..Asked Mum.


One thought on “Mother knows…

  1. Divine connections senses our uneasiness. Most of the times..its our parents and also someone very close to us.

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