Writing 101…day 5…….letter on a path.

Writing 101…day 5…….letter on a path.

Walking home that late summer afternoon, I noticed that every tree and lamp post in my street bore the smiling face of Mr. T on a poster with the word MISSING in bold beneath.

I thought of Mr. T, the kind old gentleman who lived in the last house on our cul de sac.  Mrs. T and he were loved by everyone. They lived here all their lives, they went to the grocery, they went on walks together every day. Except of late they hadn’t, Mr. T’s brilliant mind was being consumed by a vicious disease. Bit by bit the smile from his eyes was beginning to fade away.

A flutter of white paper from a branch up ahead caught my eye just then. Ever the environmentalist I reached out to pluck the paper and dispose of it. As I was about to discard the paper the words “My Darling ..” piqued my interest.

Curious I opened the letter

My Darling….Please forgive me. Some mornings I wake with no idea of who or where I am. Then there are other days when even through the haze I am painfully aware of it all, your worrying face, your  tears, your hurt when I fail to recognize you. I refuse to share this pain with you, I refuse to have myself imprisoned by this disease, I refuse to have these days as the last memories of us together. Taking the boat out, keep me in your heart and stay happy. My love to the kids. Eternally yours

I looked up, I had walked to the end of the street, at the open window of Mr. T’s bedroom. I stood there clutching the letter.


6 thoughts on “Writing 101…day 5…….letter on a path.

  1. Good writing, sad but lovely story. The story itself was definitely clear enough, written well and held my interest. I will admit that when I read:

    ” I noticed that every tree and lamp post in my street bore the smiling face of Mr. T on a poster with the word MISSING in bold beneath.”

    I almost laughed, because I pictured “Mr.T” the loud, muscle-y 80’s star with the mohawk. I can’t say that everyone will feel the same way, but a full last name rather than initial might sound better anyways (despite my immediate connection to a ridiculous tv personality).

    Once I shook my head and returned to the story though, my heart ached with your characters. Good job!

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