Writing 101 day 9 – Changing moccasins – point of view

Writing 101- Changing moccasins – point of view

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene.

Today’s twist: write the scene from three different points of view: from the perspective of the man, then the woman, and finally the old woman.

He held her hand tightly, afraid to let go. His eyes darted around worriedly, watching her every step. Ensuring she walked every day as the doctor prescribed it was his responsibility. He made sure that they followed the doctor’s instructions to the dot. He wished to risk nothing with their precious bundle. They had struggled for many years together, been through several trials and tribulations to achieve their dream of a small family. Some of their couple friends had managed multiple children during those years. But for Jay and Sara it had been a long uphill road. Finally the Lord with the help of a battery of experts and specialists had made their dreams come true. Jay gazed lovingly at his expectant wife. She had never looked lovelier in his eyes. She positively glowed with the joy of the little person growing inside her. They had been over the moon when they first discovered that the latest trial had been successful. Jay  remembered that moment when he had immediately picked up his phone to share the wonderful news with his mother and then he came back to reality.

Her smiling round face, her loving eyes, her weathered yet startlingly soft hands all fresh in his memory. How happy she would have been for them today. She had loved to knit and create magic with her knitting needles. She had prayed for this miracle so often.  Jay wished that the dreadful disease hadn’t ravaged her quite so suddenly and quickly. He missed her so much.

Deep in these thoughts holding hands with Sara as he walked through the park, they decided to take a short rest and sat on the park bench. Sitting there was a little old lady, who was intently working away at something tiny and red. Jay leaned over and it was then the lady saw him. “ Hello there how are you? Aww you have a little one on its way! Look I’m knitting a sweater, a little red one ….my first grandchild too is due any day now you know.”

Jay’s face crumpled into a bout of angry anguished tears.


Sara had always been a strong practical woman. She had never imagined that she with her faith in science and reasoning would come to a stage in her life when she would believe in every silly superstition there was in relation to expectant mothers or their unborn children. She had been through much physical and emotional pain in the past couple of years. She would spare no effort to ensure its successful realization. The person who had helped her retain her faith and strength through it all had been a rather surprising source. People say that daughter in laws and mother in laws never see eye to eye, but strangely enough in the past four years of her marriage with Jay their strongest source of strength had been his mother. She had been kind, understanding and supportive through it all. Today as they await the arrival of their precious cargo, Sara couldn’t help but miss the smiling presence of her mother in law in their lives and think how happy she would have been today.

As she sat down on the park bench holding Jay’s hand that evening she turned to look at the little old lady beside her. The lady in turn looked up at them smiled and said…“ Hello there how are you? Aww you have a little one on its way! Look I’m knitting a sweater, a little red one ….my first grandchild too is due any day now you know.”

Sara could feel Jay’s tears even before she turned back to look at his anguished face.


Nancy had finally been able to retire and invest her savings into a little house in the neighborhood. After 45 years of hard work, multiple jobs, stressful days as a single parent now that her daughter was married Nancy finally had the opportunity to do something for herself.

She was thrilled yet her happiness was curtailed when they discovered that due to a rare disorder her first grandchild would most probably be a child of special needs.

They spent weeks crying, hoping for miracle cures. None came and the day of arrival inched closer with each hour. Finally after much prayer and reflection Nancy decided that she would celebrate the life being bequeathed to their family by God. She decided to be happy about the child’s arrival and to give the infant so much love that the child shall know no shortage in its life.

With this determination in mind that evening Nancy walked to the park and sat by the bench and took out her knitting set.The activity had always helped her focus her mind and distress her. She turned to look at the young couple taking a seat right beside her. The woman’s swollen belly caught her attention.

“Hello there how are you? Aww you have a little one on its way! Look I’m knitting a sweater, a little red one ….my first grandchild too is due any day now you know.”

Amazingly the young couple beside her seemed to crumble and fall apart right there in front of her.



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