Writing 101…. Day Eight… Death to Adverbs.

Writing 101…. Day Eight… Death to Adverbs.

Go to a local café, park, or public place and report on what you see. Get detailed: leave no nuance behind. Today’s twist: write an adverb-free post.

Walking out of the cool confines of the metro station, that bright midday, I joined the long shuttle bus queue.

The middle eastern sun made its presence felt slapping my skin with its flaming fury. Sweat slowly trickled down my back and neck. I sought shade behind my sunglasses and hid under my hat.

Vehicles swished by at speed, I peered down the street trying to spot a bus if any on the horizon. Date palms lined the street, tall cranes in the backdrop with growing constructions, humming with activity.

Five others before me in the queue I noted. All of us stood close to each other so as to stay within the little shade of the bus stand.

A pretty petite Asian girl was flapping her little hand held paper fan in an effort to cool herself. Ironically the fan bore the image of a scenic cool beach with golden sands. I could smell her floral perfume all the way down the queue.

Mr. Business suit right next to her was visibly melting under the layers of the dark thick clothing. He was sifting through his papers very intently. He kept checking his watch and seemed on edge. Prepping for a job interview or a big sales pitch I pondered.

The two workmen standing right beside me turned to stare at him unabashedly. Friends they seemed sharing a cigarette and a joke. Probably on their way home after a hard day’s work. Dressed in typical construction worker attire speaking in a dialect I couldn’t eavesdrop into.

I delved into my cavernous and messy handbag in search of mints. As would be the norm only finding ones which would serve more purpose in a petri dish under a microscope than in my mouth.

Just then a cab sailed by slowing down near the bus stop. Mr. Business suit jumped forth to hail it. So did both Bob the builders. It was unclear who was louder or who raised their hand first. All three rushed to various doors of the cab and staked their claim.

Business Suit nodding his head asserting his right to the cab trying to get in.

Bobs are having none of it and not backing down either.

The driver looked confused and was probably wishing one of them gets in quickly and shuts the door.

Words are pouring out of angry mouths. The three men gather around to one side each arguing their case. Traffic has begun to build up behind the cab and inevitably loud honking shatters the air.

Pretty and petite catches my eye and mouths out her destination. Me too I lip synch. Swiftly we make our move and both jump into the open cab. Slamming the doors shut we bark out our request to the driver.

Confused and deceived three sets of eyes glare at us as we pull away. I can almost feel their anger down the back of my sweaty neck.

We exchange looks, share guilty giggles and lean back to enjoy the cool air conditioned comfort of the vehicle.


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