Tall, dark and handsome

Strong, clever and witty

Hardworking, short tempered (at times) and the disciplinarian of our world

Achiever of great things both personally and professionally

The veritable pillar of strength in our household

Creative, talented, genius mind

Introducing us to the joys of music and fine arts

Teaching us to appreciate cuisines and cultures

The man who offered me my first taste of wine

The man who taught me to hammer a nail, change a light bulb and wire a plug

He instilled in us the value of time, the need to be prepared for any situation, the need to be organized in our thoughts and actions.  

He taught us to be independent

He encouraged us to be unreserved.

He bought me my first scooter he insisted we learn to drive

Guided us in our careers paths never once suggesting we stick to the ordinary in our choices

Gave us away at our weddings with pride

Even today he celebrates the smallest of our achievements with dollops of happiness.

Indulgent granddad loved by all.

A man to whom ideally many a modern day invention should prove challenging, he is an IT whizz, active on social media, constantly learning, teaching himself, reading and discovering modern technology.

My go to man for all questions tech related.

Happily plays along when we jibe him

Unable to keep track of any gossip (;-)), unable to still differentiate between our voices at times.

Loving and loyal husband a great role model to many who know him

My Dad….my hero.


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