Writing 101…day 12… (Virtual) Dark clouds on the Horizon……….with a silver lining.

Writing 101…day 12… (Virtual) Dark clouds on the Horizon


Today’s twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post


I was shamelessly eavesdropping. The game on my phone lacked its usual clout over my attention today. My ipod playlist felt uninteresting and monotonous too for some reason.

All that I was left with as entertainment was unabashed staring, mentally sizing up my fellow commuters on the long journey home. It was then that the two young girls sparkly, bright, tanned, glowing with youth all dressed up in their flip flops teamed with the cosmopolitan approved business attire got in.  

“I hate him” said sparkly 1

“He’s not that bad. He’s kinda cute” sparkly 2 refuted

“No waaaayyyy. Shuddup….hes soooo arrogant!  “said sparkly 1 eyes wide open, she looked affronted at her colleague/friend.

Theatrically at this point the train entered a long underground tunnel and darkness was all I could see outside my window.

Those words…”he’s so arrogant” flooded my mind with memories long forgotten. A thought bubble raised itself above my head and took me back to revisit a time past.

There she was the young girl nervous excited and pleased all at once. Happy to be a vital cog in the wheel so to speak at that office. Excited to be learning so much and being immediately thrown in at the deep end to learn and improvise as she went on. Nervous with the amount of responsibility she had suddenly gained over night.

Working her way into the organisation as conscientiously as possible she had already spent close to a year in that company. That particular morning she was asked to take more precaution with her work. The new manager was to arrive that day. No one wanted the first impression to be a negative one.

9am came and went with no sign of the new manager (NM). As the clock inched closer to the ten mark, in sauntered a young tall handsome man. An air of confidence emanated from him.  On the one hand he carried a bikers helmet and in the other he was swinging a bunch of keys.

 “Can I see the Director?” NM said, his voice ridiculously deep and authoritative.

“Who shall I say?” the young girl queried.

“He knows me” NM eyeballed the young girl

What…too cool to give his name!? Thought the girl.

NM then marched into the Directors cabin full of confidence with a swagger.

Half an hour later NM walked out, was introduced to the team. Without much preamble he greets everyone (very coldly the young girl thought) and got right down to work immediately.

Days passed into weeks and although working with the new manager was not quite as bad as she had anticipated it to be, there was something about him. She thought about him all the time much to her chagrin, had imaginary conversations with him in all of which she heroically told him exactly what she thought of him. Each evening she would return home from work and moan to her mother about the new manager…..” He’s so arrogant Ma”…

I smiled as I recollected those days on my way home that evening. I was no longer that eager to prove myself young girl anymore.

I fished out my phone from my bag and called up the tall dark handsome NM, “hey honey, I’m headed home. Fish for dinner?”


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