Appreciate, Praise and Compliment

Deliver praise
Give someone’s mood a raise

A simple word or two
Is all it will cost you

A compliment is a little gift of love
An inspirational white dove

Set it free
And you will see

A glow will appear
Where once there seemed fear

Express your appreciation
Make it a happy obligation

Make it sincere
Or else it won’t be dear

A genuine sentiment
Is the key element

Hyperbole is not required
Artificial is really never aspired

Faux flattery may work with some
But that’s not how the heart should be won

Don’t assume your admiration
Can be conveyed without communication

Don’t take for granted
For in their shoes is that what you would have wanted?

Seize the opportunity however small
Confidence will make them stand tall

Once the moment is past
The regret will forever last

So deliver praise
Give someone’s mood a raise.



There are words…. funny in pronunciation, complex in spelling at times, but so perfect in its meaning. If used appropriately apt in its significance and perfectly descriptive of the emotion on hand when used in context.

Then there are phrases too…a collection of choice words that perfectly convey what you want to say in a clever and sometimes very witty manner.

I thought to enlist a few such words and phrases, those that once I discovered their existence, have been etched in my memory. I strive to utilize these gems when I can, I include them in conversation offhandedly (pretence) when seeking to impress all those around with my witty word wisdom (notice how I alliterate?).

Cockamamie – ridiculous or pointless. I enjoy using this word. Usually to convey suitably how stupid I think something is.

Collywobbles – ohh me likey this one. A personal favourite. I have the collywobbles….excellent excuse to give the boss. Usually infuses sufficient confusion and before they can ask you what are the collywobbles cough a bit, sniff a bit, groan a bit, if visual aid required clutch your stomach and make a hasty exit.  

Diphthong – When vowels come together, they may either be two distinct syllables, or may merge into one syllable. When they merge, they form what are known as diphthongs. If they stay separate they are simply two monophthongs.

I mean I love everything about that definition. Need to find a suitable opportunity to introduce that one into my conversation at some point.

Gobbledygook – used to describe jargon that is meaningless, unintelligible, rubbish, gibberish, claptrap (another nice word)…..I plead guilty to all of the above on several occasions!

Kumquat – Absolutely adore them darling…need me my daily dose of Kumquats. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin c levels to be replenished with nothing but Kumquats for me…… ok not really just like saying the word. Fruit not exactly easily available in my part of the world but makes me feel very upper crust to claim daily consumption!

Obsequious – Fabulous word. Mild tongue twister, need spell check nearly always with this word. Can be used in an adjective, adverb or noun form.  Meaning obedient, fawning, servile, compliant in nature. I don’t like unnecessarily obsequious people.

Stymied – Obstruction or obstacle. Example….I have dreams to be an award winning author, my chances however are grossly stymied by the fact that my creative juices are yet to reach their potential.

Smörgåsbord. – Originally a Swedish word indicating a large buffet of food consisting of many dishes. My utilization of this word……I have a smorgasbord of tasks to complete today. Very satisfactory word on the tongue don’t you think?

Ubiquitous – constantly everywhere at the same time…..sadly I know some people like that. Impossible to shrug them off at times.

Ugsomeness – horrid; loathsome. Synonyms may be used but the verbal satisfaction of saying oh the ugghhsommness of it all….. try it, very satisfying.

Tinkle Pantry – A place to answer natures call….notice how I used a euphemism for a euphemism?

Pushing up the daisies – geddit??? A pretty euphemism for an otherwise very sordid or sad occurrence.  

STAT – more of a medical jargon…..introduced into my vocabulary by endless episodes of ER (George Clooney…sigh)

Boil the Ocean…..try to achieve the impossible. Its excellent, three words which perfectly sum up an impossible situation. Boil an ocean…go ahead try it…impossible no?

Many a slip between the cup and the lip…..even when you feel sure of your intentions or outcome of a certain situation, anything can happen. The unexpected can happen, Murphy may strike….the outcome may be altered drastically for reasons beyond your control. My Mom loves this one.

Nothing ventured nothing gained – now this is one of my mantras. Say this to myself often, just to get me going, to try, to proceed when in doubt or when being held back by fear of the unknown.

OK, here’s the thing … – a very handy way to start making your point if you’re not sure how to begin the sentence.

I’m flying under the radar – when you want to maintain a low profile or if feeling unwell and want to stay out of everyone’s attention for the day. Nice JAG-ish spin to the ordinary.

I’m Stumped – like if you are trying to figure something out or lost for ideas. Little similar to my situation over the past weeks…. Mind numbed /unable to string together enough sentences to create one interesting post for my blog.

Slicker than a greasy pig – a perfect way to describe someone who manages to escape sticky situations.  The visual images this one conjures up itself is narrative enough.

Not the sharpest tool / Not the brightest bulb / The light’s on but no one’s home / A few fries short of a Happy Meal / A few pecans short of a fruitcake / Knitting with only one needle / All foam no beer / Not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

All mean the same….all evil but funny…..

As popular as dandruff – I really hope I am never described with this one. Seriously..ugsome!

So now you know my secret, I am nothing but a lexicon thief.

What are your most used phrases, what are your tickle words. Share them with me, educate me, widen the ambit of my vocabulary.

Who would you rather be?

Who would you rather be?

Have one of those days, where you wake up wishing you was somewhere else or someone else? Check.

Wish I was someone else somewhere else doing something else today? Double Check.

If you could be someone else for one day who would it be? If you are thinking ‘I am content with who I am…happy to be myself ‘etc….. Then hurray for you!

But today I am feeling eccentric so my thoughts are correspondingly bizarre. Allow me some liberty please. I promise I am trying to make a point.

If I could be someone else and live their lives for one day, who would I like to be…let’s see now….

Kate Middleton


Would have loved to live like royalty for at least a day! Enjoy the luxuries of life in a real palace, play with that super cute baby boy, flirt up a storm with the Prince (either one I don’t mind ;-)), wear a gorgeous gown or zip around the streets of London on a horse driven carriage. Wonder if she has chambermaids handing her silk slippers as she gets out of bed. Bet she doesn’t get out of bed with panda eyes.


As you may have guessed I’m definitely not in touch with the reality of life as a royal. Would have been jelly kneed and buckled under the pressure of any public official royal duty. Meeting with heads of state and world leaders…..gasp the sheer thought makes me feel faint!

Any one of the Kardashian Sisters


Think about it… wake up, have a team of experts on hand to do your make up, dress you, don’t have to say anything smart or even pretend to, at best go out for a frozen yoghurt. Evening again get dressed and groomed attend glitzy events, get paid for it! Have enough staff on hand to take care of mundane duties (I assume), enjoy many materialistic luxuries of life, go on fabulous holidays, be the cynosure of everyone’s attention.


Not more than a day would I realistically be able to take their lives. I am sure having a camera crew follow you everywhere with absolutely no privacy whatsoever can be taxing. Also being the cynosure of all the constant attention and all that (positive/negative) publicity would drive me to depression. I’m convinced they are all in truth extremely intelligent people who have found a very smart way to make themselves awfully rich and famous. Full marks to them for that.


Denzel Washington


To be that handsome, that talented and yet so seemingly sane, must be something else. I would love to be him for one day. To experience such natural talent, be on a movie set enjoy my artistic gift.


If I was Denzel for a day unless I become him mind body and soul, we are in trouble. I mean if I looked like Denzel had his talent but in some weird way my own brain and heart remained…..I wouldn’t get past the mirror in the mornings. I would just be standing there drooling over myself!

Jennifer Lopez


Her body, her talent, her money in that order of priority for me please. I would however be smart enough not to waste my time and affection on any friendly ghosts though.


I’m sure looking that fabulous and fit takes a lot of effort. I type this as I reach out for my bag of chips. Can’t see myself successfully maintaining such a fantastic figure, even in the hypothetical.

Angelina Jolie


OMIGAWP…Braaaddd …..all mine….. YIPPPEE…..


Sigh….Brad….never will be mine….weep…

Oprah Winfrey


To be that rich, that influential, meet celebrities each day, interview them, receive so much adoration from so many people worldwide. I can deal with that even if for only a day. Must be such a rush to be able to give away amazing gifts like individual cars to an entire studio of audience.


She has had a tough childhood from what I understand. Also has had to work very hard to achieve all that she has. Would I be mentally strong enough to withstand all that? I guess I will never know.


I find it interesting that almost all the possible contenders for a life swap that initially come to my mind are celebrities. We are intrinsically so celebrity crazy I think that most people if asked this question would automatically come up with a name of someone rich and famous initially. It may only be after some deeper thought and consideration that we may make more altruistic choices like Mother Teresa or Gandhi or even someone you admire from within your circle of acquaintances.

Would we willingly life swap with someone who spends their time and energy in helping the needy perhaps? Or for example someone who has dedicated themselves to a rigorous life of service and prayer?  I cannot claim to be big enough a person mentally or emotionally to be able to answer that confidently.

It takes a lot of courage and spirit to lead such a life, dedicated to the needs of others living selflessly.

But it also takes a lot of courage to recognize that maybe our own lives; our own current existence may just be fine too.

Being happy with what you have, learning to accept and agree to be satisfied with what life has served you is an art in itself too. That is not to say that one mustn’t aspire and work towards achieving higher, just that one mustn’t compare and ignore what is in hand over could haves/should haves.

So while in my ideal imaginary life I would have Jennifer’s body, Denzel’s talent, Oprah’s money and Brad to come home to each night……..I am going to have to say that my current existence with all its ups and downs isn’t so bad either.

Share with me…..who would you, if given the opportunity life swap with for a day.

Do you Love me?

Regurgitating an old one……..share your thoughts please do…


Love / [luhv]noun, verb, loved, lov·ing.


1. a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.

2. a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.

3. sexual passion or desire.

4. a person toward whom love is felt; beloved person; sweetheart.

5. (used in direct address as a term of endearment, affection, or the like): Would you like to see a movie, love?


Watched for the millionth time – Fiddler on the Roof. The first time with my little girl. We enjoyed the movie entirely as always. Is that very ‘uncool’ to admit?

One part of the movie in particular that never fails to move me. The musical conversation between Tevye and his wife Golde. Tevye asks his wife “Do you love me?”……Golde replies ”Maybe its indigestion!!!”

No seriously I found her actual reply quite touching, the depth in the…

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