Who would you rather be?

Who would you rather be?

Have one of those days, where you wake up wishing you was somewhere else or someone else? Check.

Wish I was someone else somewhere else doing something else today? Double Check.

If you could be someone else for one day who would it be? If you are thinking ‘I am content with who I am…happy to be myself ‘etc….. Then hurray for you!

But today I am feeling eccentric so my thoughts are correspondingly bizarre. Allow me some liberty please. I promise I am trying to make a point.

If I could be someone else and live their lives for one day, who would I like to be…let’s see now….

Kate Middleton


Would have loved to live like royalty for at least a day! Enjoy the luxuries of life in a real palace, play with that super cute baby boy, flirt up a storm with the Prince (either one I don’t mind ;-)), wear a gorgeous gown or zip around the streets of London on a horse driven carriage. Wonder if she has chambermaids handing her silk slippers as she gets out of bed. Bet she doesn’t get out of bed with panda eyes.


As you may have guessed I’m definitely not in touch with the reality of life as a royal. Would have been jelly kneed and buckled under the pressure of any public official royal duty. Meeting with heads of state and world leaders…..gasp the sheer thought makes me feel faint!

Any one of the Kardashian Sisters


Think about it… wake up, have a team of experts on hand to do your make up, dress you, don’t have to say anything smart or even pretend to, at best go out for a frozen yoghurt. Evening again get dressed and groomed attend glitzy events, get paid for it! Have enough staff on hand to take care of mundane duties (I assume), enjoy many materialistic luxuries of life, go on fabulous holidays, be the cynosure of everyone’s attention.


Not more than a day would I realistically be able to take their lives. I am sure having a camera crew follow you everywhere with absolutely no privacy whatsoever can be taxing. Also being the cynosure of all the constant attention and all that (positive/negative) publicity would drive me to depression. I’m convinced they are all in truth extremely intelligent people who have found a very smart way to make themselves awfully rich and famous. Full marks to them for that.


Denzel Washington


To be that handsome, that talented and yet so seemingly sane, must be something else. I would love to be him for one day. To experience such natural talent, be on a movie set enjoy my artistic gift.


If I was Denzel for a day unless I become him mind body and soul, we are in trouble. I mean if I looked like Denzel had his talent but in some weird way my own brain and heart remained…..I wouldn’t get past the mirror in the mornings. I would just be standing there drooling over myself!

Jennifer Lopez


Her body, her talent, her money in that order of priority for me please. I would however be smart enough not to waste my time and affection on any friendly ghosts though.


I’m sure looking that fabulous and fit takes a lot of effort. I type this as I reach out for my bag of chips. Can’t see myself successfully maintaining such a fantastic figure, even in the hypothetical.

Angelina Jolie


OMIGAWP…Braaaddd …..all mine….. YIPPPEE…..


Sigh….Brad….never will be mine….weep…

Oprah Winfrey


To be that rich, that influential, meet celebrities each day, interview them, receive so much adoration from so many people worldwide. I can deal with that even if for only a day. Must be such a rush to be able to give away amazing gifts like individual cars to an entire studio of audience.


She has had a tough childhood from what I understand. Also has had to work very hard to achieve all that she has. Would I be mentally strong enough to withstand all that? I guess I will never know.


I find it interesting that almost all the possible contenders for a life swap that initially come to my mind are celebrities. We are intrinsically so celebrity crazy I think that most people if asked this question would automatically come up with a name of someone rich and famous initially. It may only be after some deeper thought and consideration that we may make more altruistic choices like Mother Teresa or Gandhi or even someone you admire from within your circle of acquaintances.

Would we willingly life swap with someone who spends their time and energy in helping the needy perhaps? Or for example someone who has dedicated themselves to a rigorous life of service and prayer?  I cannot claim to be big enough a person mentally or emotionally to be able to answer that confidently.

It takes a lot of courage and spirit to lead such a life, dedicated to the needs of others living selflessly.

But it also takes a lot of courage to recognize that maybe our own lives; our own current existence may just be fine too.

Being happy with what you have, learning to accept and agree to be satisfied with what life has served you is an art in itself too. That is not to say that one mustn’t aspire and work towards achieving higher, just that one mustn’t compare and ignore what is in hand over could haves/should haves.

So while in my ideal imaginary life I would have Jennifer’s body, Denzel’s talent, Oprah’s money and Brad to come home to each night……..I am going to have to say that my current existence with all its ups and downs isn’t so bad either.

Share with me…..who would you, if given the opportunity life swap with for a day.


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