Appreciate, Praise and Compliment

Deliver praise
Give someone’s mood a raise

A simple word or two
Is all it will cost you

A compliment is a little gift of love
An inspirational white dove

Set it free
And you will see

A glow will appear
Where once there seemed fear

Express your appreciation
Make it a happy obligation

Make it sincere
Or else it won’t be dear

A genuine sentiment
Is the key element

Hyperbole is not required
Artificial is really never aspired

Faux flattery may work with some
But that’s not how the heart should be won

Don’t assume your admiration
Can be conveyed without communication

Don’t take for granted
For in their shoes is that what you would have wanted?

Seize the opportunity however small
Confidence will make them stand tall

Once the moment is past
The regret will forever last

So deliver praise
Give someone’s mood a raise.


8 thoughts on “Appreciate, Praise and Compliment

  1. Wonderful words Kavi- very well put. Sometimes people need to be reminded of simple things like seeing the good in others and genuinely expressing appreciation there.

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