Dear Diary,

I am ashamed to admit it but I haven’t blogged in over a month.

I felt I had nothing of value to communicate or contribute. I felt the need for a literary silence. There was a complete ebb in my flow of thoughts. I have struggled to emote suitably on any topic via the written word.

I kept thinking maybe today or tomorrow I’m sure inspiration shall hit me, something some incident some part of my day will break open the dam blocking my mind. Those thoughts will pour out and once I release that inner dormant writer there shall be no looking back. The tomorrows came and whizzed past, with me having made no progress.

Days turned into weeks, life continued at its own pace. A holiday travel home, time with the extended family and annual festivities all happened in the interim.

What stories could I share with my fellow bloggers from all that occurred over the summer? What could I enthrall them with?

Stories of home?

A place of childhood memories, unconditional love and happiness.  A place that I long to visit all year round. A place that holds my family and oldest friends. A place to which one day I hope to return to, with my family and grow old in. Yet ironically a place that at times I feel that I may have outgrown entirely!

An account of recent festivities at home?

It was a celebration of the religious festival called Ganesh Chaturthi in India recently. A wonderful ten day celebration dedicated to the fun and food loving Elephant headed Lord Ganesha. The joy, the mayhem, the chaos of having friends and family all celebrating and working together is indescribable. Everyone driven by the unified aim of welcoming the Lord. Working together to honor the great remover of all obstacles. All of us bonded by prayer equal in the eyes of the Lord, brought together, humbled and giving thanks.  Homemade sweets, special food, music, colours, flowers, traditional attire, children running around and playing these are a few of my favourite memories of this festival. A wonderful occasion, an unforgettable experience.

Or  should I dedicate some blog space to one of my favorite ‘rants’?

Travel travails. Oh don’t get me started!

I don’t know if this has happened to you dear diary but I get it a lot….board a flight, get seated and fellow passenger turns to you and asks smilingly….”are you going to so and so…” OMIGAWP I cannot quite describe why but every time I am asked this question a mild shiver of panic runs through me. Am I going to so and so? Am I on the right flight? If I am surely this guy is going there to? Then why is he asking me this question? Isn’t everyone headed in the same direction once we’ve boarded the flight? I know I know they are just trying to politely strike a conversation. It’s me who lacks the social skills. But maybe a different less alarming opening line? 

What about “kindly remain seated until the seat belt sign is switched off”. These words have an uncanny effect. Hardly are they muttered by the crew and you can hear an almost machine gun type rat-a-tat-tat of seat belt buckles being flung open. I mean really what are we trying to achieve. Until the doors open no one is going anywhere. I understand the long flight and the urge to get out of the huge flying tin tube but surely those instructions have a purpose and a reason behind them?

Oh another burning unanswered question….. How do they run out of chicken by row two? More importantly why offer you with a food choice if there is none? Why not just present us with a plate of food as fate accompli and be done with it?

Oh the inconvenience of it all I tell you, I was definitely only meant to enjoy luxury travel. All this coach travel (which in reality is currently all I can afford) really is so not for me! 😉

Jokes apart, diary I love to whinge on about travel travails but the truth is that I absolutely love to travel. I enjoy time spent in airports just viewing other people, trying to guess the purpose of their travel, building imaginary stories in my mind about the various travelers. I have been fortunate with my travel so far and have had opportunities to travel. I hope that the lucky streak continues…..many destinations to tick off the bucket list.

My aimless banter has gone on suitably long enough I think with really no progress made as such. What can I spin into an interesting blog, something witty something interesting something upbeat?

Maybe I should just put it out there a formal request to my fellow bloggers to please share with me tips on how does one drive over this mental speed bump and pick up speed once again.

And so I sign off.

Wordlessly yours,



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