What’s in a name ……that which we call a rose…

Alright I shall not be presumptuous enough to actually use or distort iconic words such as that.

My name is Kavitha (which means Poetry).

When I began this blog I spent a lot of time considering what exactly should my name reflect as on the blog. I preferred to maintain at that time some namelessness in a hope to create a sense of mystery and intrigue. I thought to use this blog not merely to indulge in my passion for writing but also a great way to broaden my horizons.

It has been brought to my attention often by close friends and family that I have a penchant for talking well shall we say a bit more than the average person.

I wanted my blog to be an open book. Each chapter varying in feel, sound and content.

Given all of this what better I felt then, than to call myself KBLAH and to name my page CHARTEBLANCHE (I took literary liberty with the spelling)

So although I have not made any changes to my blog these are briefly the workings of my mind and how I decided to make these pseudonyms mine.


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