Of all the emotions that the human mind encounters which would you say is your most debilitating?

Two of the strongest that almost immediately jumps to one’s mind are Love and Hatred.

Love….is said to make the world spin. People do crazy things in love, build monuments, climb mountains, kill and even die in the name of love.

Hatred….another powerful emotion.  Once again under the influence of this strong emotion, people do crazy things, kill or give up their lives to this all encompassing hatred.

Amidst all of this hoopla I feel a strong emotion called ENVY seems to have gone unnoticed. This emotion in my opinion can be one of the most complicated and handicapping of all emotions. The variety of other sentiments that crop up due to this seemingly unassuming green eyed monster …….. insecurity, rage, a feeling of inadequacy, resentment, hate and even disgust.

Think about it someone you know or even consider a friend gets a promotion / a new job. What is your first reaction? Happiness for your friend, celebratory thoughts or is it thankful to the Almighty for giving your friend this break? I will be honest enough to admit that while I may feel any or all of these emotions I cannot deny that somewhere deep within me I do want to know… good is the job? Could I have done it better? Am I more deserving?

Would you feel inadequate with yourself and your achievements then? Could this emotion be whitewashed to be called ambition or is it actually a tinge of envy?

Someone you know wins the lottery. Are you thrilled, are you shocked or are you happy for their good fortune? Do you wish instead that it had been you. Is this wishful thinking or it is jealousy.

Ideally channelled this envy could then push you to be more ambitious could push you to work that much harder, be more competitive, maybe achieve more. All good ofcourse this positive domino effect. Flip side of it …..this envy could easily push you over the edge making you blue, leaving you feeling inadequate and unhappy.

Then there are those who are so possessed by the green eyed monster that really almost everything is magnified in their view. Even the smallest stroke of good fortune in anyone drives them insane and they are genuinely unable to deal with anyone else’s success. To such people….well professional guidance is all I can suggest!

In many cultures the “evil envious eye” is considered to be a serious threat. All sorts of precautionary steps are taken to protect the object of desire or of importance from the evil eye! Voodoo mumbo jumbo you may say but put in similar circumstances would you risk your most prized possession or fortune from the ill effects of the evil eye?

All I can say is that while I am certainly not impervious to the charms of the green eyed monster myself on most occasions I do manage to struggle and conquest sucessfully the beast within.

Wishing you too triumph with your battles…….



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