New Year’s Resolution

I Feel disillusioned

‘Tis the season to be jolly I am told. Certainly the weather, the festive air, the children’s holidays, the general bonhomie of Christmas all around ‘doth gladden the heart’ I must say!

But then I encounter the dark side of reality. It’s unavoidable and so in my face that I feel disillusioned. It brings me down.

Senseless people, spreading fear and death. Justifying it with various causes relevant only to their own warped evil minds. Holding innocent lives hostage using them to protect their own cowardly selves. Unfathomable!

Simple innocent people carrying on with their own lives, minding their own business, enjoying a chocolate treat perhaps only to suddenly rudely have their lives threatened and at the mercy of someone else. The fear and nightmares of that encounter shall probably haunt them forever. This disillusions me.

Children looking to have a fun day at school, possibly pass a test that day, audition for the school play, win a game, swap cards with their friends or simply hang out with their bestie, gunned down mercilessly …ruthlessly. Too young to fully comprehend the reasoning behind acts of terrorism, too young to actually grasp the source of the fear they must have felt that day, too young to even watch acts of violence on TV, too young to have an opinion on any matter political as such, brutally gunned down and budding lights snuffed out in an instant. The bloody visions of this encounter shall remain indelibly etched in their minds, shall possibly mar their personalities forever. Where is the sense in that I ask? This disillusions me.

A mother stabbing her own, gang rapes, crimes against children these leave me disheartened. But then even simple daily acts of indifference leave me questioning. For example yesterday in a crowded train in a compartment full of women at peak hour I watched an eight year old child stand leaning tired onto her mother for the entire duration of her 30 odd minute journey with not one fellow commuter moved enough to offer the child a seat. Have we grown such a thick skin now? Are we slowly losing sensitivity entirely? I feel discouraged and disillusioned.

But then that same evening I stood in a serpentine taxi queue and witnessed a long line of tired harassed holiday shoppers all rally together, find and offer the first available cab to a pregnant woman who was waiting her turn way down the line.

Initiatives such as #IllRideWithYou, or the way the world community rallied to express their disgust at the Peshawar massacre of innocent children these give me hope. These let those few rays of sunshine pass through the clouds and I let myself believe that all is not lost as yet.

Let us instead of making the usual new year resolutions this time to lose weight, get a new job, get married make more money etc etc this year make a different resolution. To collectively do our utmost to put out there into the universe as much love, as many positive thoughts as possible and with simple actions try to truly make a difference. Far be it from me to preach, I myself need to work on this and I shall most certainly need help remaining positive and focused on this path. But for now all I can say is 2015…. make the world at least the little bit around me a better place? Challenge accepted! What about you?


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. My sentiments exactly. You can count me in on this New Year’s resolution. I agree that if we can’t change the world we can at least make a small portion of it a better place.

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