I’m stirring the pot with my two cents ….

Kanye West & the Grammys

Really now Kanye!? One would think you would have learnt a thing or two from the back lash you faced years ago when you pulled a similar stunt with Taylor. Again now… thinks someone just wants a little attention no? 

Neil Patrick Harris & his whites on the Oscars

Was it wasn’t it…the big question. He claims no socks were harmed during the making of that sequence! 😉 The truth shall never be known…

 Lupita Nyong’o dress theft

OMG that gorgeous Oscars gown stolen from her hotel room!!! So many questions here….what was hotel security doing? Could this have potentially led to a bigger or worse incident? How does someone walk into a secure room and waltz out with what would have had to been a sizeably large package? To top it all ….the thief returned it!!! Awww…what a star! When he found out that the pearls were fake, he kindly decided to return the ‘timeless piece of art’. You gotta love a happy ending.

Red Carpet fashion

Floor length gowns, beautiful tulles, laces, pearls, satins, cleavages, see through dresses, backless, frontless, cheeky matadors, barely there outfits, itsy bitsy ensembles held together by sheer luck and a bit of tape. Such a display! I wonder if there will come a time when women will arrive completely in the buff for such events and then the Fashion Police can dissect the pros and cons of the Emperor’s New Clothes?

Blue and Black // White and Gold

Which colour is it? Something that has caught everyone’s fancy across the globe. I geddit…something trivial, fun that has caught our curiosity something to talk about something to muse over with your friends. But I also geddit when I see twitter or facebook messages from people who put up a picture of the dress in question next to a blood stained victim of war and ask which dress should we be caring more about?


One year already since the mysterious case of the missing flight MH370. Malaysian authorities still confident that they will ‘find it’. Have the families received any closure, have they been able to move on or are they to be forever caught in a limbo between hope and despair?

Bobbi Kristina Brown

Wealthy only child of world famous parents. Such talent in her genes, such fame her parents knew. Missed opportunities to pass on the talent to the next generation, missed opportunity to share with their child the right lessons in life. Did she have an opportunity to learn from their mistakes or did she never stand a chance? Was this to be her legacy, was this her ultimate destiny? Sleep precious child, wake up strong if it is meant to be.

India’s Daughter

The documentary that has been in the news and the root cause of much hoopla of late. Should it have been made? Should it have been aired? Should the parents have participated? Should the makers have been more sensitive? Should the Indian government ban the documentary in India or should it be aired. So many questions, so many differing opinions, so many debates with powerful arguments made both for and against. Bottom line remains, such a heinous act was undeniably committed, the perpetrators have been jailed, similar such acts have been committed in the past too and somewhere in the world some more sick minds are probably plotting something equally heinous again. The mindset is what needs to be changed, it’s the mental filth that needs to be weeded out to make the world a safer place for the coming generations. It’s going to be an uphill task which each and every member of the society will need to make an effort towards achieving.

Peoples Court

An alleged rapist dragged out of prison, attacked and beaten to death by angry mobs in Assam. While one part of me applauds the unity of the crowd and feels their anger the other part of me asks is this a dangerous line we have just crossed? Where does vigilantism end, breaking the law whatever your justification, should this be punishable?

 What topics would you like to throw into this pot? Share them with me, we could stir up a storm together!

stirring the pot


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