Words left unspoken
Thoughts left unsaid.
Sentences unfinished
Dreams unshared.

Words Unuttered,
Feelings unexpressed.
Should they have been said?

Set free from within
To do as they wish
Laden with all that they mean?

Would they have bridged the gap
Or would they have widened the deep
Would they have mended fences
And finally ended those unexplained recesses

Left unsaid they could grow into seeds that sow
Deep dark roots into your soul
Perhaps unburdened by these roots the heart could have grown
To Joyous heights otherwise unknown

If you love somebody say it
If you appreciate someone say it
Thoughtful words left unspoken
May leave a heart broken
Life is too short to leave some words unspoken.


Words left unspoken
Thoughts left unsaid.
Are they infact always better shared?

Once uttered, sharp arrows they become
That can pierce with its severity all ears they fall upon

Should they remain buried?
Are we not worried
That hearts could get broken
With words that are spoken
In haste, with anger as their base?

Things get ruined
Lives get damaged
How often can things get remedied by a spoken word,
How often can things deteriorate by an ill spoken word,
A delicate balance if ever there were any,
Some silences are never to be broken.

Words left unspoken
Thoughts left unsaid.
Sentences unfinished….
Empty words with nothing to gain
Causing no more than mournful pain

Perhaps at times it would be best to live with some words left forever unspoken……………


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